8mm Shaft with Flexible Outer Casing. Integrated Camera.
High Speed Cleaning DN32-75, Cutting DN32-75 & Brush Coating DN32-75
Max Range: 16m (no extension). Weight: 38kg. 550-2200rpm Stepless Speed Control. Camera Specs: Head Diameter 14mm, 30m cable. Stainless steel camera head (IP68). 17.8cm colour monitor. Lighting: 8 LEDs with brightness control Digital footage counter.

Designed with plumbers in mind. Same great features as the Battery Powered Mini Cleaner.
Easy to transport and operate regardless of power outlet locations or availability! Includes Standard Battery (Weight: 3.5kg) for up to 3 hours of continuous work. Can also be used with power cable. High Output Battery (Weight: 4.1kg) upgrade for up to 4 hours of continuous work (sold separately).


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