The PVC Chains have no carbides and are optimal cleaning tools inside plastic pipes if the pipe has not be-come brittle. They can also be used in fragile clay pipes. The PVC Chains can be used in conjunction with the Special Drill Head PVC Cutter to easily cut into tough blockages such as tree roots, grease and tubercu-lation.

Benefits: Chains without carbides are less aggressive thus enabling work inside plastic and fragile clay pipes.

The Cyclone Chains are suitable for use in pipes that are in a bad state or even cracked. The centrifugal force is evenly distributed inside the pipe so it will not hit the sides. Easily removes hard materials, such as heavy scale, encrustation, tree roots and concrete.
The Cyclone is also used to eliminate any excess lining material after
using a Twister Liner Remover to remove a collapsed lining from inside off cast iron pipes.
When cleaning pipes the Cyclone Chain is normally used after the Original Chain.


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